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A new kind of interactive romance

You work in a start-up and Adam, a colleague of yours, has caught your eye. Together, you are going to a concert but it seems you are not the only one interested in him… Will you manage to win his affections?
Meanwhile, your best-friend is having troubles in her relationship and your sister has started acting weirdly. Can you handle all the situations and solve all the mysteries?

In “Hey Love! Adam you text your friends and choose how you interact with them! Each message is a choice and people will react according to what you say. What will you choose: a lie or the truth? Jealousy or Passivity?

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33 Chapters

Play all the chapters and face hundreds of choices to discover the 12 differents endings.


10 Characters

Talk with various characters and learn to know them.


70 Pictures

Plenty of pictures to unlock through the story.

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