How can I play the next Chapter? (The next chapter won't unlock) top

To play the next Chapter, you have to activate internet at the end of a chapter. A message inviting you to come back tomorrow will display... then you simply have to wait until the next day. Otherwise you can use coins to unlock the chapter immediately. To gain more coins you can buy some using the Boutique Menu or watch video using the Video Menu.

If you encounter issues to unlock a chapter:
- Always reach the screen showing the new chapter before quitting the app, otherwise the game won't understand that you have finished a chapter
- Connect to internet when reaching the screen displaying the new chapter. Wait until you see a message inviting you to come back the next day.

If you did everything properly before and it still does not work. It might be because your app has never been close properly from your phone. To close the app definitely you have to clean you flash memory:

On Android:
- Check your Andoid menu (The menu on the bottom of your Android device, with the triangle, the circle and the square)
- Tap on the Square
- Tap on the Corb (it will clear your flash memory)
- Try to launch the game again

On iOS:
- To begin, simply hold down the Power button on your iOS device till you see the familiar “slide to power off” message on the screen.
- Don’t cancel, and don’t slide the button to power the device off. When you see the “slide to power off” message on screen, while still holding down the Power button, now also hold down the Home button simultaneously for a few seconds until you see the screen flash black and back to Home screen.
- Launch the game

Why can't I watch videos? top

Ensure to have your internet connection enabled. We need to reach online servers to display videos (the app can need a few seconds to update once internet has been enabled).

If even with the internet connection enabled you can't watch videos, then it is very likely that your phone block the cellular / mobile date access to our app. To unlock it:

On Android :
- Go to Settings, then Network and Internet, then Data usage and look below the graph to find the app and check that data usage is allowed.
- This might be linked with an app installed on your phone that limit mobile / cellular date. Allow the access on to mobile / cellular data to Hey Love Adam on this app.

On iOS :
- Go to Settings -> Cellular data (or mobile data).
- Scroll down until you see our app. Ensure that the access to data is activated.

If nothing works, try to reset your Advertising Identifier:

On Android :
- Open Settings, tap Google, tap Ads, and tap Reset advertising ID.

On iOS :
- Open Settings, tap Privacy, tap Advertising, and tap Reset Advertising Identifier.

What device can I use to play Hey Love! Adam? top

The game runs on iOS 7.0 and Android 4.1 equivalents and higher. We cannot guarantee a satisfying experience on older devices.

Do I need to be connected to internet to play? top

An internet connection is not always needed to play... However you should activate internet each time you reach the end of a chapter to activate the timer that will unlock the next chapter. Internet is as well recommended if you want to synchronize your save online. If you want to do so, go to the Settings menu. You will need a Facebook account to save your progress online.

Do I need a Facebook account to play Hey Love! Adam? top

No, a Facebook account is not mandatory to play the game. However it is recommended to have one and to connect with it in order to save your progress online. You can do so in the Settings Menu.

How can I save my progress online? top

Connect with a Facebook account and keep internet activated while playing.

If I uninstall and reinstall the game, will I lose my progress? top

Yes, you will lose your progress unless you previously activated the Online Save with your Facebook account. Then you just need to connect again with your Facebook account to recover your save. You can connect in the Settings menu using the Online Save button.

Can I play more than one save? top

You can only play one save at a time.You can use the Journal menu to go back to previous Chapter in order to discover other parts of the story. Be careful, going back to a previous Chapter will erase your current progress in the story. Using the Journal menu only affects the story. You keep your coins and the pictures unlocked in the Gallery menu.

I play on different devices, why am I not starting where I left the game? top

If you want to play on a different device:

  • You need to have internet activated on both devices to save and recover your save.
  • You need to have activated the Online Save in Settings menu with the same Facebook account on both devices.

The game saves online only at the end of chapters and when you earn coins. If you started a chapter and left in the middle without gaining coins, it is normal to start again at the beginning of the chapter on another device.

What languages are availables and can I change them? top

The game is available in English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and German. You can access the Settings menu and choose the language that suits you.

Can I replay a Chapter? top

You can replay a chapter by using the journal. It will erase your current progress and go back to the chapter you chose. Using the Journal menu only affects the story. You keep your coins and the pictures unlocked in the Gallery menu.

What can I do if I want to change a choice? top

If you want to change a choice, you can replay a chapter thanks to the journal. It will erase your current progress and go back at the beginning of the chapter you have chosen.

Are there different scenarios? top

The answers you pick can change major events in the game. It will also change the pictures you unlock in the Gallery and the Endings of the story. There are 12 different endings: 4 different ones for your love story, 4 different ones for Zoe and 4 different ones for Anna.

Are some choices more important than others? top

Yes, some choices will have a greater impact on the story. Don’t worry, you will recognize them.

How do I unlock pictures in the Gallery? top

Some pictures will be unlocked depending on previous choices you made, while some will be unlocked automatically. Be aware: a picture can be unlocked because of an answer of a previous Chapter. If you want to unlock all the pictures of the game, use the journal and try differents answers all along the story.

How much space is the app taking? top

The download package is around 60MB. Once installed the game takes around 100MB on your device.

How do I turn off the sound? top

In the Settings menu, you can deactivate the sounds of the game.

I just purchased a Pack in the Boutique but I never received the coins? top

If you have any issues receiving the coins after proceeding to payment, try closing the game and relaunching it a few times, and clean the flash memory before each attempt. If it is still not working, please get in touch with us using the form below. Please provide us with your Device ID and Facebook ID. You can both find them by going to Settings Menu -> Online Save.

What can I do if I have a problem with my game? top

If you were not able to find an answer here, you can contact us by filling the form below. We will get back to you. Please provide us with your Device ID and Facebook ID. You can both find them by going to Settings Menu -> Online Save .

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If you are using the online save with Facebook, you can find your Facebook ID inside the App > Settings Menu > Online Save.